Observatory of the Quotidian
Birches are some of my favorite trees, and this is one of my favorite birches.  It resides in my neighborhood and graces suburbia with its elegant white limbs.



Happy Easter, everyone!


P.S.  I know, I know, I need to update the look of this blog.  Workin' on it! : )
Four photos about cars, driving, and stoplights.  Two of them were even taken behind the wheel (at a full stop, I assure you!).
Lights streaking on the windshield.
Is it just me, or is something terribly wrong here?
Traffic at about 5:30pm in Manhattan, where I visited in 2010 and where, I'm told, one can get a $300 ticket for honking at some intersections.
My dashboard, and the eerie glow of streetlights on the pavement.
Have you ever taken pictures in the car? (NOT while driving!)