Observatory of the Quotidian
Four photos about cars, driving, and stoplights.  Two of them were even taken behind the wheel (at a full stop, I assure you!).
Lights streaking on the windshield.
Is it just me, or is something terribly wrong here?
Traffic at about 5:30pm in Manhattan, where I visited in 2010 and where, I'm told, one can get a $300 ticket for honking at some intersections.
My dashboard, and the eerie glow of streetlights on the pavement.
Have you ever taken pictures in the car? (NOT while driving!)


4/4/2011 06:52:49 am

No--but it looks like a way of getting some great shots. :)

$300 for honking at an intersection?! Wow.

4/4/2011 07:59:59 am

I love the picture of Manhattan! I can't remember a time where I have taken a picture in the car. ;)

4/5/2011 12:16:00 am

Golden Eagle: Yes, it can be fun - as long as the windows are reasonably clean. ; )

I was pretty shocked by that number too, until I saw more of the traffic. The pedestrians have strength in numbers, and sometimes force the cars to sit through two or three red lights.

BTW, thanks for making it out here during the A-Z craziness. : )

Shaynie: Thank you! : )

4/6/2011 07:04:27 am

I've taken pictures in the car before... and yes, sometimes even when I'm driving. (shhh don't tell!) The traffic lights look particularly awesome in the twilight. ^.^

Love you too!

4/6/2011 11:55:55 am

Melody: You just better not have been moving, is all I can say!! :O

Thank you for the comment, my friend : )


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