Observatory of the Quotidian
Birches are some of my favorite trees, and this is one of my favorite birches.  It resides in my neighborhood and graces suburbia with its elegant white limbs.



Happy Easter, everyone!


P.S.  I know, I know, I need to update the look of this blog.  Workin' on it! : )
4/25/2011 06:11:21 am

There aren't many birch trees around here--although there were two huge ones in a park where we used to live. I love their white bark. :)

4/28/2011 06:40:37 am

Yes, white bark is unusual, isn't it? It's what I've always loved about them. : )

5/8/2011 08:03:12 am

Oh wow - these pictures are gorgeous! I love how you captured the setting sunlight on the branches, while the trunk was in shadow. Beautiful bokeh on the second one especially! :)


5/8/2011 01:15:07 pm

These are gorgeous photos! The perspective on the first show is fantastic.

5/9/2011 01:56:21 am

Melody: Thank you, friend. It's pretty unusual for me to get bokeh!

Sereina: Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. : ) I really enjoy your pictures too.


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