Traversing a Marble Hall - Observatory of the Quotidian
Observatory of the Quotidian
I found this shot in my archives (you guessed it, still photo-tagging).  It was taken in a beautifully-restored historic building.  I've always wanted to make a drawing with a hallway like this that never ends... but perhaps this one, which ends in a tall window, is close enough. : )


3/13/2011 08:21:17 pm

I LOVE hallways like that! It always seems like they'll go on for forever. At least, I'd like them to. :) Awesome photo, Edith! :)


3/13/2011 10:40:45 pm

Ooh, I love this! I've always wanted to take or draw a similar picture to this as well. ;)


3/14/2011 11:08:55 am

Caroline: Thanks a bunch! I've always loved the idea of walking down a hallway like that with lots of mysterious doors. (This one had lots of doors, but they weren't mysterious. ; )

Melody: Thank you! I once had a lot of fun playing around with a perspective drawing similar to this... maybe I should try that again. : )



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